New navigation UI

Unica has introduced New UI.

  1. Administrators will have access to switch it for any individual user through User settings > Edit preferences.
  2. Toggle button present at the top of the screen will help user to switch between Classic UI (Old UI) and Neo UI (New UI).


Unica Platform provides a common access point and user interface for Journey. The common interface provides the following features.
  • When multiple Unica products are installed, you can navigate between products without launching new windows.
  • You can view a listing of the pages that you have recently visited, and navigate back to any of those pages using the Recent menu.

  • You can set a page as favorite by clicking on Favorites icon and page will be listed in Favorites list.
  • You can access the search function for Folders, Journeys, Entry sources, Data definitions, Template, All folders using the Search field. For example, if you are viewing a list of entry sources within Journey, a search would take place across entry sources.