Assigning permissions to Journey Roles

Before assigning a role to a user, you should assign permissions to the available roles.

About this task

Journey offers two user roles:

  • JourneyAdmin
  • JourneyUser

To assign permissions to both roles, complete the following steps:


  1. From the Unica Platform home page, select Settings > User roles and permissions.
    The User roles and permissions page appears.
  2. In the left panel, expand Unica Journey > partition1.
    The partition1 page appears.
  3. Select Assign Permissions.
    The (Properties for administrative roles) page appears.
  4. Click Save and edit permissions.
    The (Permissions for partition1) page appears.
  5. Expand Application.
  6. Set values for the following fields:
    Operations JourneyAdmin Default setting JourneyUser Default setting
    Create Data Definition Yes No
    Edit Data Definition Yes No
    Delete Data Definition Yes No
    Create Entry Sources Yes No
    Edit Entry Sources Yes No
    Delete Entry Sources Yes No
    Create Journey Yes Yes
    Edit Journey Yes Yes
    Delete Journey Yes No
    Publish Journey Yes Yes
    Complete Journey Yes Yes
    Pause Journey Yes Yes
    Goal add/modify/delete Yes No
    Goal view Yes Yes
    Settings add/modify/delete Yes No
    Settings view Yes Yes
    • For the JourneyAdmin role, we recommend that you do not reduce the permissions and retain the default permissions. By default, JourneyAdmin has all permissions.
    • For the JourneyUser role, provide permissions that you feel is appropriate. You can give the JourneyUser all permissions, but it is not recommended.
  7. After providing the permissions, click Save changes.