Procedure: High Level

The high level procedure to execute the Interact GDPR utility is listed underneath:

About this task


  1. The file contains a sample configuration for composite and numeric Audience IDs. The Interact users must modify it as per their Audience ID type. The instructions are mentioned in the file.
  2. Update the global settings section in the file with the DB type.
  3. Sample CSV files for composite and numeric types of audiences are provided in the sample folder. The Interact user must update them with CustomerIDs to be deleted from the tables, with each ID on a new line.
    • String values having special characters like space, comma, and so on in customer data, should be enclosed in double quotes (“) only in the input csv files.
    • Numeric values having special characters like comma in the input csv file will not work.
    • CustomerID should be the column name of the input csv file. In case of composite Audience level, audience id should be comma separated and the name of the audience level is case sensitive.
  4. Run gdpr_purge.bat / sh
  5. Review the SQL Output generated by GDPR tool.
  6. Take a backup of Unica Interact System tables.
  7. Execute the SQL Output on Interact's system tables.
  8. Verify that the desired customer information is deleted.