License Server Availability

HCL Unica products need to be always connected to the HCL License Portal. You can choose to connect with the HCL License portal in multiple ways:

  • Connecting directly to HCL Licensing portal from Unica application.
  • Connecting to HCL Licensing portal from Unica application using proxy based connection.
  • Setup Local License server for HCL License portal and connect to Local License server from Unica applications.

Unica application requires the licenses to be configured in the production environment. Once the license details are configured and Unica application connects the license server for the first time, then it stores the license details. HCL Unica products keep on updating the consumption details to HCL License portal every 10 mins. In case of connectivity issues, the consumption details will be held back with the Unica Platform and once the connectivity is established the consumption will be updated on the HCL License portal. If there is connectivity issue is for a longer period between Unica applications and HCL Licensing portal - Unica application uses the information stored in Unica application. Based on the type of licenses configured it allows or restrict the access to application or usage.