Use real-time offer suppression to fine-tune visitor offers

Offer suppression is another way to fine-tune the offers that Unica Interact presents to visitors. Define offer suppression rules when you want to prevent an otherwise eligible offer from being seen by a visitor again because they: accepted or rejected the offer; or are presented with the offer more than a specified number of times.

For example, you might present an offer for a discounted price on tablet computers to a visitor who rejects the offer. If you concluded that the visitor is no longer interested in tablet computers, you could suppress that offer for that visitor for the next 30 days. If you also determined that a user who rejects tablet computers also has no interest in smart phones, you could suppress related offers for the same time period.

You can also provide a time period after which the offer should once again be eligible for that visitor. A time limit for the suppression ensures that, after a certain amount of time has passed, the offer will again be eligible to be seen by the visitor.

Unica Interact applies offer suppression in real-time, after offer personalization for the visitor is complete. Each eligible offer is checked against the offer suppression list before being presented, and any offers that match are omitted from the eligible list for that visitor.

You can define offer suppression rules for any offer based on an offer template where Allow offers created from this template to be used in real-time interactions is selected.