HCL Unica Support in the GDPR Context

HCL Unica provides GDPR support for the following Unica products:

  • Unica Platform
  • Unica Campaign and Unica Optimize
  • Unica Plan
  • Unica Interact
  • Unica Opportunity Detect

Solution Specific Scripts to Support Right to Erase Requests

The HCL Unica - namely Unica Campaign and Unica Optimize, Unica Interact and Unica Opportunity Detect provide a utility that generates SQL scripts that will, once run on the HCL Unica solutions’ System Tables Database, purge the system tables of personal data for your customers who have requested for their personal data to be deleted. Using this approach, you - HCL customers - leveraging CampaignInteractOpportunity Detect in this case will be able to respond to ‘Right to Erasure’ requests.

Related to: Right to Erasure

  1. The utility provided by HCL that generates the scripts will only be able to purge data from the their System Table Database. HCL Unica customers are responsible for responding to all Right to Erasure requests, including those involving any external data marts, data warehouses, exported flat files, or other areas of customization where personal data could be stored.
  2. The utility can be configured to generate SQL scripts to take into account customer-specific customization of HCL Unica, in this case, CampaignInteractOpportunity Detect System Tables.