Additional indexes for extra performance improvements

Beyond indexing the segment membership, contact history, and detailed contact history tables for each audience, and the PCT, POA, and RC tables for each session, you can index and update table statistics on other tables to improve the Unica Optimize session run performance.

By default, the Unica Optimize installer will not add these extra indexes on campaign tables. These indexes should be added only if you find that Unica Optimize session queries are running slower than expected. Adding more indexes can degrade the performance for update queries, such as insert or update, on these tables. You can add these extra indexes and update table statistics by manually running the following database-specific SQL scripts:
  • aco_extra_indexes_db2.sql
  • aco_extra_indexes_sqlsvr.sql
  • aco_extra_indexes_ora.sql
These scripts can be found in the <CAMPAIGN_HOME>/ddl folder. Each script has three sections: delete index, create index, and update table statistics.

Index scripts need to be run only one time. However, update table statistics queries need to be run periodically to keep table statistics up-to-date. It is recommended to run these table statistics queries before you trigger a large Unica Optimize session run.

Note: All three scripts contain an SQL script for the default detailed contact history table, UA_DTLCONTACTHIST. If a Unica Optimize session is defined on any other audience level, then the index and statistics SQL queries should be run on the appropriate detail contact history table.