Fixed defects in Unica Campaign

The following defects were fixed in Unica Campaign 12.1.4.

Issue ID Description
HMA-339571 Acoustic : Connection reset
HMA-338262 Tomcat-MariaDB : Folder just created not displayed on Segment listing page. Its displayed after creation of one more folder
HMA-334926 Duplicate Column error in Extract Process when the Deliver Landing Page is selected as Input
HMA-337513 Support MariaDB - missing Datasource configurations
HMA-338445 When Session flowchart is kicked off via API, even after completion it stays in-use mode permanently
HMA-326854 Incorrect date format written to UA_OFFERHISTATTRIB from mail list process box
HMA-336674 Getting ? on run parameter of the schedule task when the flowchart name is has non-english character
HMA-337060 Run flowchart API call in quick succession does not give correct results
HMA-336122 UserVar value gets Reset with Branch Run
HMA-338551 Flowcharts are not synced across the openshift pod
HMA-335012 Receiving error when invoking create Bulk Offers SOAP API
HMA-329303 v11.1.0.4- Stored Cross-Site Scripting in Offer Code
HMA-341253 Flowchart crashes when saving Segment containing Persistent Derived Fields related to Dates
HMA-338714 CURRENT_DATE Date Math Incorrect for MariaDB
HMA-338567 MONTHOF, YEAROF function returning error -The datepart function requires 2 argument(s)
HMA-337252 Errors in Extract process with Cloudera datasource
HMA-341686 DEF: Table name not retained during user table remap in Unica Campaign 12.1.2
HMA-339560 License check with unica_acsesutil every 5 minutes generates "ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string"
HMA-341919 UCGF.Rundate behavior change post upgrade
HMA-338951 acUpgradeTool fails when upgrading from Campaign to 12.1.3 and System table is Oracle 12c
HMA-344601 Performing Branch Run of flowchart does not use Current Value user variables like Full Flowchart run or Single process box run
HMA-334052 Error in Extract Process when the Deliver Landing Page is selected as Input