Campaign upgrade worksheet

Before running acUpgradeTool, you must gather information about your Campaign installation.

Gather the following information about your Campaign installation :

  • Fully qualified path of your Campaign installation directory (CAMPAIGN_HOME in the setenv file)
  • For a multi-partition upgrade, the names of the partitions to be upgraded
  • Connection information for the target Campaign system (URL and port)
  • Connection type (WebLogic or JDBC) and location of the JAR files
  • Java™ class name for the JDBC driver
  • Additional properties required by the JDBC driver, if any
  • User name and password for the target system tables database
  • Catalog (or database) for the target system tables
  • Schema for the target system tables
  • Version of Campaign you are upgrading from
  • Full or relative path of the Campaign configuration file (campaign_configuration.xml). This file is located in the conf directory under your Campaign installation.