Deploying Contact Optimization and Attribution Modeler on WebSphere Application Server

You can deploy Contact Optimization runtime environment and Attribution Modeler on supported versions of WebSphere® Application Server (WAS) from a WAR file or EAR file. The Contact Optimization design time environment is deployed automatically with the Campaign EAR or WAR file.

About this task

  • Make sure that multiple language encoding is enabled in WAS.
  • When you run the Install New Application wizard, ensure that you set the JDK Source Level to 17.
Important: If you are using IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5.x Fix Pack 9 or earlier, you must use the following workaround to disable the annotation scanning for the xstream jar and to allow the application to be deployed correctly.
Go to the app_server_root/properties folder in the WebSphere installation. In the file, add the following line under Ignore-Scanning-Packages.