Setting data source variables in the Campaign startup script (UNIX only)

Data source variables are automatically set by the installer during installation of Campaign. You can change these settings in the Campaign/bin/ file. You must restart the server every time you modify the file.

About this task

During Campaign installation, the HCL® Installer collects database information from you and uses that information to automatically configure the database and environment variables that are required to create and use the Campaign system tables. Those settings are stored in the file in the bin directory under your Campaign server installation.

For access to data sources (such as Campaign customer tables) that do not use the same type of database as the system tables, you must manually configure the file to add the database and library environment variables that are described in Database and library environment variables.

Note that if you modify this file when the Campaign server is already running, you must restart the server before changes to the setenv file are recognized. See Starting the Campaign server for more details.

See Distributed Marketing database information worksheet for the required information to add to the setenv file.