Planning failover configuration of Campaign

When you install Contact Optimization, you can configure your environment to address any failures of the web application server (front-end) or listener server (back-end).

Definition of terms

Required component Installation option Definition
Campaign web application server (front end) J2EE Application The web application that provides the Campaign user interface.
Campaign listener server, sometimes called analytic server (back end) Campaign Server The startup scripts and components that support the design and execution of flowcharts.

Campaign web application server clustering

You can deploy the Campaign web application server in a clustered environment to support load balancing.

Before you begin the installation, be sure to read HCL Campaign web application clustering.

Campaign listener server clustering

Listener (analytic) server clustering, also referred to as back-end clustering, involves the use of multiple listeners for the purpose of high availability and load balancing. Listener clustering is important because flowchart runs happen at the back end.

Before you begin the installation, be sure to read Installing a clustered listener environment.