Verifying that the Campaign listener is running

The Campaign listener must be running before users can work with any Campaign features. The listener automatically creates a separate unica_acsvr process for each login and each active flowchart. For example, if one user logs in and then opens a flowchart, the listener creates two instances of unica_acsvr.exe.

About this task

Use the following procedure to verify that the Campaign listener is running.


  1. Use the appropriate procedure for your operating system:

    In Windows™, look for unica_aclsnr.exe on the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager.

    In UNIX™, use the ps command to look for the Campaign server, as in the following example: ps -ef | grep unica_aclsnr.

  2. If the listener is not running, restart it:

    In Windows, run the cmpServer.bat script that is in the bin directory under your Campaign installation.

    In UNIX, enter the following command at the system prompt: rc.unica_ac start

    For important details about running the listener, including how to start it automatically, see the HCL® Campaign Administrator's Guide.