Preparing data sources for Contact Optimization

The Contact Optimization runtime environment uses data sources to store user and interaction data.

About this task

Note: Information about using web application clustering in HCL® Campaign is provided in HCL Campaign web application clustering.

Complete the following steps to prepare data sources for Contact Optimization.


  1. Create a database or a database schema for the Contact Optimization system tables. The empty database that you set up for IBM Campaign can have any name.
    Note: Campaign requires customer tables, which should already exist.
  2. Create a database user account.

    The database user account must have the following rights: CREATE, DELETE, DROP, INSERT, SELECT, and UPDATE.

  3. Create ODBC or native connections. If you use UA_SYSTEM_TABLES as the ODBC name for that database, the IBM Campaign system tables will be mapped automatically.
  4. Configure the web application server for your JDBC driver.
  5. Create JDBC data sources in the web application server.