Setting up the Campaign system user

Set up the Campaign system user to directly access databases. For multiple partitions in Campaign, create a system user for each partition.

A system user is a HCL® Marketing Software user account that is configured for use by HCL applications.

To avoid presenting users with repeated prompts for login credentials you can associate a system user with one or more data sources. Each data source specifies a user name and password. This allows you to provide a user name and password to access a database or other protected resource by referencing the data source. By adding multiple data sources to the configuration of the system user account, you can allow the system user to access multiple databases.

In Campaign, the system user holds login credentials for accessing system tables and other data sources.

Use an existing or new HCL Marketing Software user account to save credentials for the data sources described here.

You set up HCL Marketing Software users and assign user data sources in the Settings > Users area of HCL Marketing Software. See the online help in that section for instructions on how to do this.

Set up a user account to hold credentials for the following data sources.

  • Campaign system tables (UA_SYSTEM_TABLES)
  • All customer (user) tables

On UNIX™, for the Alternate Login attribute of the system user, enter the UNIX account of a user in a group that shares privileges with the UNIX users of Campaign.

Note: If you have multiple partitions, each partition must have its own system user. The system user cannot be the same across partitions.