E. Configure SSH on the Campaign listener server

This is the fifth step to integrate HCL® Campaign with Hive-based Apache Hadoop data sources.

Before you begin

Complete D. Import and configure the BigDataODBCHiveTemplate data source template in Campaign.

About this task

To enable data file transfers between the HCL Campaign listener (analytic) server and the Hive-based Hadoop big data instance, you must configure SCP and SSH seamless login. SSH allows secure connection between two computers; most systems use the OpenSSH client.


  1. On the machine that is running the HCL Campaign listener, configure SSH for no password prompt for authentication. Log in as the user who is running the HCL Campaign listener and run the following commands, substituting the username@IP address of your Hive server (in this example, the MapR machine):

    >> ssh-keygen -t rsa

    >> ssh mapr@ mkdir -p .ssh

    >> cat .ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh mapr@ 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'

    >> ssh mapr@ "chmod 700 .ssh; chmod 640 .ssh/authorized_keys"

  2. Verify password-less authentication using RSA-based authorized keys. Run each command, substituting the actual username@IP address, and verify that it works. You need a local file called test1 for this test to work:

    >> ssh mapr@

    >> scp test1 mapr@

    >> ssh mapr@ "rm /tmp/test1"

What to do next

F. Map the Hive datasource in Campaign