New features or changes in functionality

The following are the list of new features or enhancements in Cloud Native Unica version 12.1.3:

Interact Tomcat configuration
Interact tomcat process tracker and scaling configuration concurrency related changes.
Helm-level Multicast IP configurations
Out-of-the-box Helm-level multicast IP configurations for all products.
Contact Central new databases support
Contact Central supports the following new databases on Docker images: Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, and DB2.
Pod time zone customization
Unica Pod time zone customization can now be done using Helm charts.
AWS Secret Manager Integration for Password Encryption
AWS Secrets Manager securely retrieves secrets from the AWS Secrets Manager for Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) Kubernetes pods. Secrets Manager does not use the KMS key to encrypt the secret value directly. Instead, it uses the KMS key to generate and encrypt a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric data key, and uses the data key to encrypt the secret value.
Journey Engine Clustering on Kubernetes
Multicast cluster works effectively. It is critical that all nodes in the cluster be in the same subnet.
Optimized containers and reduced complexity with Single Install image
With the Single Image install, base install image is not required thereby reducing Init containers.
Container OS upgrade and Vulnerability fixes
RHEL UBI base image is upgraded to 8.5 version. OS vulnerabilities and Product vulnerabilities also addressed in this release.
Tomcat Version upgrade in containers
Tomcat version is upgraded from 9.0.50 to 9.0.59
Init Container console error
Fixed Init container console errors.
Support custom JDBC URLs using Helm Charts
Depending on the database the additional parameters in JDBC URL are required. Using helm chart users can handle the JDBC URLs.
Unified image for OneDB init 12.1.3, no separate init container should be required
Reduced the dependency of OneDB init image for product installation on OneDB.