Specifying the Recipient List Uploader location for Unica Deliver

For each partition where you enable Unica Deliver, specify the location of the Recipient List Uploader (RLU). The RLU uploads the output list tables data and associated metadata to the remote services hosted by HCL.

About this task

During initial installation, the Unica Campaign installer automatically adds the location of the RLU to the configuration for default partition (partition1). However, when you add new partitions to your environment, you must manually configure all new partitions to reference the correct location. Because there is only one RLU for each Unica Deliver installation, all partitions access the same plugin file in the local file system of the machine that hosts the Unica Campaign web application.


  1. In the configuration for partition1 in your Unica Campaign installation, navigate to Campaign > partitions > partition1 > Deliver > deliverPluginJarFile.

    The value for this property is the full path to the plugin file (deliverplugin.jar) that operates as the RLU.

    For example: C:\Unica\Deliver\plugin\deliverplugin.jar

  2. Copy the value for the DeliverPluginJarFile property.
  3. Navigate to the DeliverPluginJarFile for the new partition and enter the path you copied from partition1.

    All partitions must use the same location for the RLU.