Deploying Unica Campaign on WebSphere Application Server

You can deploy the product runtime environment on supported versions of WebSphere® Application Server (WAS) from a WAR file or EAR file. The design time environment is deployed automatically with the product EAR or WAR file.

About this task

  • Ensure that multiple language encoding is enabled in WAS.
  • When you run the Install New Application wizard, ensure that you set the JDK Source Level to 18.
  • Ensure that you add javax.el-3.0.1-b11.jar in WAS server lib directory. You can download javax.el-3.0.1-b11.jar from
  • Add JVM argument -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1.2 in Websphere for Unica Deliver to work.
  • -Dcollaborate.https.port=<https port configured for collaborate>
    Note: This system property is required only if Campaign communicates with Collaborate using https protocol.