Unica Campaign - GDPR – General Technical Aspect of The Right of Erasure

Unica Campaign provides the gdpr_purge.bat/sh utility. Unica Campaign users may use this utility to generate delete statements for customers' records that are required to be erased from the Unica Campaign system. These delete statements are generated for the Unica Campaign system tables. Customer records that are required to be erased are provided in an input file and the output is the generated delete statements. We have listed the Unica Campaign system tables in which customer data may reside (for which delete statements are generated) in the following two sections.

  • In V 12.0, the GDPR tool generates an additional sql file by the name PostAudience.sql file. In Windows, the sql file is generated in GDPR home example, C:/HCL/Campaign/tools/GDPR/PostAudience.sql file, whereas in Unix, this SQL is written to the tools Dir by the name GDPRPostAudience.sql file. For example /opt/HCL/Campaign/tools/GDPRPostAudience.sql file.
  • If more than one audience is defined in Campaign and customer wants to generate deleteSQL for all audiences, then no action is required.

If customer wants to generate deleteSQL for selective audiences, for example, if total audiences defined is three, but customer generates deleteSQL only for two of those audiences, then the way to do this is add all three audiences to gdpr.properties, but keep the .csv file empty for the audience so that deleteSQL is not required to be generated.