Dashboard report styles

Dashboard reports use the global styles with some manual formatting.

Use the following guidelines to make sure that reports that are displayed in the Dashboard fit properly in Dashboard portlets.

Table 1. Dashboard report styles

This two-columned table provides information about the items in one column and the style in the second column.

Item Style
Background color Keep background color set to gray (hex value F2F2F2).
Size Specify size by using percentages whenever possible. When sizing with a percentage is not possible, set the size to 323 pixels wide by 175 pixels tall.
Subtitles Put subtitles on the left side.
Dates Put dates on the right side.
Legends Center legends below the chart.
Lines in line charts Display horizontal lines only. Do not display vertical lines.
Axis line color Keep axis lines set to black.
Grid line color Keep grid lines set to gray (hex value D9D9D9).
Lists (tables) Display a maximum of 10 lines.