Configuring Unica Deliver

To configure to the latest version of Unica Deliver, you must upgrade Unica Campaign to the same version.
  • When changes to the Unica Deliver system tables are part of an upgrade, HCL provides the required schema upgrade scripts and procedures. Run the truncate scripts before starting with the upgrade. Users must take the backup of tables, if required. The delete scripts are laid down with files named : ace_op_delete_systab_<db_type>.sql located at <Campaign_Home>/Deliver/ddl/upgrade.

  • You must set the deliverPluginJarFile for Deliver. Complete the following steps.
    1. Login to Platform and navigate to Settings > configuration.
    2. Navigate to Affinium|Campaign|partitions|partition1|Deliver and provide value for deliverPluginJarFile as below:. The token <Campaign_home> must be replaced with the actual value of Campaign_Home.
      deliverPluginJarFile <CAMPAIGN_HOME>/Deliver/plugin/deliverplugin.jar
    3. Restart Campaign app server.

To use Unica Deliver to send email, you must contact HCL to purchase a hosted email subscription. For information about how to configure Unica Deliver after you purchase an email subscription, see the Unica Deliver Startup and Administrator's Guide.

Start the Response and Contact tracker (RCT) after the upgrade in one of the following ways.

Starting the RCT manually

Start the RCT manually, use the rct start command. The RCT script is stored in the bin directory under your Unica Deliver installation. For more information, see Unica Deliver Response and Contact Tracker (RCT) script.

Starting the RCT as a service

To start the RCT every time that you restart the computer where the RCT is installed, add the RCT as a service.

Note: When you start the RCT as a service, you must manually start the RCT the first time.