Webhook Support for Offers

About this task

Webhooks helps in transferring data from Centralized Offer Management System to other systems. With the help of this feature centralized Offer Management can call the Rest APIs of third party systems whenever offer is created, updated or deleted in the Centralized Offer Management. Offer admin with global policy can access Webhook.

Webhook applies for offer and offer variants.

Existing Webhook can be disabled, re-enabled, edited and deleted.

Add Webhook


  1. From the Unica Platform home page, select Offer Settings > Webhook.
    The Webhook Definitions page appears.
  2. Select Add Webhook
    The Add webhook page appears
  3. Provide appropriate values for the following fields:
    • Name - Mandatory field
    • Description
    • Select event - Select events from the dropdown. Options available are:
      • Select All
      • Offer Created
      • Offer Updated
      • Offer Deleted
      • Offer state changed
    • Execution scope - Select from All Offers and Offers from selected templates. If user select All Offers then Webhook will be executed for all the Offers irrespective of template. This also includes the Offers created without template. If user select Offers from selected templates, then Webhook will be executed for all the Offers created using selected templates. Select template from the field dropdown.
    • Webhook Post URl - Mandatory field
    • Authentication mode - Three modes available:
      • Basic
      • Bearer token
      • Unica manager (loggedin user)
    • Username of datasource - Mandatory field
    • Name of datasource - Mandatory field
    Note: For Basic and Bearer Token Authentication mode, fields Username of datasource and Name of datasource are mandatory fields.
    Note: On saving Webhook with authentication mode as Unica Manager, Username of datasource and Name of datasource fields are hidden on Webhook summary screen.
  4. Click Save & Enabled
    Once a Webhook is saved it is available on Webhook Listing page.
    • Once a Webhook is created, it will get executed and send data from Centralized Offer Management System to other systems. Webhook will be executed only when the configured event is triggered.
    • Offers created/updated through autosync will execute Webhook.
    • Offers implicitly deleted as a result of folder delete will execute Webhook.
    • Offer when edited and added new attribute will execute Webhook only if all offers is selected. [and not for the old template of the offer before adding attribute].
    • If template is edited and new attribute is added to the template which was used for offer creation- no Webhooks are executed.