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Unica Centralized Offer Management
System Requirements
Installation Guide
An installation of HCL Unica products is complete when you install, configure, and deploy the HCL Unica products . The Installation Guide provides detailed information about installing, configuring, and deploying the products.
Offer administration concepts
Offer administration concepts include:
Offer configurations
After installation of Unica Centralized Offer Management, you must configure its properties, and create and assign roles to the users.
Offer settings
Use Offer settings to create custom attributes and custom templates.
You can migrate offer management capabilities of Unica Plan to Unica Centralized Offer Management.
Benefits of Unica Centralized Offer Management
The benefits of Unica Centralized Offer Management's offer management capabilities are as follows:
Things to know before switching to Unica Centralized Offer Management
Only published templates, published folders, published offers, and published offer lists will be available in Centralized Offer Management. Even in case of attributes, only the attributes associated with published templates will be available in Centralized Offer Management. Only the last published state of data from Plan will be available in Centralized Offer Management. Unpublished updates made in published data will not be availabe in Centralized Offer Management.
Steps to Migrate from Plan's Offer Management to Centralized Offer Management
You can migrate from Plan's offer mangement to offers to Centralized Offer Management, and also migrate offers history and offer lists history. Before starting the migration process, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:
Offer management
Offers are specific marketing communications that you send to groups of people, using one or more channels. Each offer is based on an offer template defined by an Administrator. You can also create offers without templates using Unica Centralized Offer Management. To create an offer without templates, contact your administrator for enabling privileges at the partition level.
Offers and offer lists
Offers represent the marketing messages that you want to communicate to customers or prospects.
Folders contain the offers or offer lists that you create.
Using Unica Content Integration
Unica Content Integration supports an additional third-party CMS and three additional media types.
Sizing Guidelines