Configuring Unica Centralized Offer Management Before Deployment

Before you deploy, Unica Centralized Offer Management perform the below configuration:

Custom validation and offer code plugin configuration

From version onwards, Unica Centralized Offer Management supports offer validation and code generation using Unica Campaign's Plugin Developer's Kit (PDK). For more information on the development and use of the plugin, see Unica Campaign Validation PDK Guide.

If you have already configured the plugin in Unica Campaign, and are using the plugin for Campaign's offers, complete the following steps to use the same plugin in Centralized Offer Management:
  1. Before copying the plugin, or plugins, developed in Campaign, take a backup of the validation folder in the <Unica CentralizedOffer_home>\devkits\ location.
  2. Copy all Campaign plugins from the <Unica Campaign_home >\devkits \validation\ folder to <Unica CentralizedOffer_home>\devkits \validation\ folder.
    1. If the Campaign plugins reside in a different folder, copy the plugins from that folder.
    2. If the Campaign plugins reside in a different folder, ensure that you update the configurations in in offer | partitions | partition <n> | validation and offer | partitions | partition<n> | offerCodeGenerator. For more details, refer Centralized Offer Management Administrator’s guide.
  3. Restart the Centralized Offer Management application.

Changes in Logging Configuration

Starting version, log4j.xml and log4j2.xml are merged in single log4j2.xml. So, if you had made changes in the logging configuration, merge those changes over the installation location in log4j2.xml file. Typically, it is located at - <CentralizedOffer_Installation_path>/conf/logging