List of standard attributes

The following table lists the Standard attributes available in Centralized Offer Management:

Table 1. Standard Offer Attributes
Attribute Display Name Attribute Internal Name Form Element Type
Average Response Revenue AverageResponseRevenue Text Field - Currency
Channel Channel Select Box - String
Channel Type ChannelType Select Box - String
Cost Per Offer CostPerOffer Text Field - Currency
Creative URL CreativeURL Text Field - String
Effective date and expiration duration EffectiveExpirationDates Text Field - Date and Text Field - Date, or Text Field - Numeric
Fulfillment Cost FulfillmentCost Text Field - Currency
Interaction Point ID UACInteractionPointID Text Field - Numeric. Applicable only if Interact is installed or configured.
Interaction Point UACInteractionPointName Text Field - String. Applicable only if Interact is installed or configured.
Offer Fixed Cost OfferFixedCost Text Field - Currency
Note: From version onwards, Browse button is available next to Creative URL field on template screen. Click this button to navigate to the Content Integration screen.