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Unica COM V12.0 documentation
Welcome to the Unica Cetralized Offer Management V12.0 documentation, where you can find information about how to administer and use Centralized Offer Management.
Offer management
Offers are specific marketing communications that you send to groups of people, using one or more channels. Each offer can based on an offer template that an administrator defines. Alternatively, Unica Centralized Offer Manager also provides the capability for users to create offers without a template, if an admin enables it at the partition level.
Offers and offer lists
Offers represent the marketing messages that you want to communicate to customers or prospects.
Folders contain the offers or offer lists that you create.
Offer administration concepts
Offer administration concepts include:
Offer settings
Use Offer settings to create custom attributes and custom templates.
Installation overview
The installation of HCL Unica products is complete when you install, configure, and deploy the HCL Unica products. The Installation Guide provides detailed information about installing, configuring, and deploying the products.
Planning the Unica Centralized Offer Management installation
When you plan your Unica Centralized Offer Management installation, ensure that you have set up your system correctly, and that you have configured your environment to deal with any failures.
Configuring the web application server for your JDBC driver
The web application server where you plan to deploy Unica Centralized Offer Management must contain the correct JAR file to support JDBC connections. This enables your web application to connect to the system tables. The location of the JAR file must be included in the class path of the web application server.
Installing Unica Centralized Offer Management
You must run the Unica installer to start the installation of Centralized Offer Management. The Unica installer starts the product installer during the installation process. Make sure that the Unica installer and the product installer are saved at the same location.
Configuring multiple partitions for Unica Centralized Offer Management
In the Unica family of products, partitions provide a way to secure the data that is associated with different groups of users. When you configure Unica Centralized Offer Management or a related Unica application to operate with multiple partitions, users can see each partition as a separate instance of the application. There is no indication that other partitions exist on the same computer.
Deploying Unica Centralized Offer Management
There are general guidelines for deploying Unica Centralized Offer Management on WebSphere® and WebLogic.
Configuring Unica Centralized Offer Management after deployment
After you deploy and start the Unica Centralized Offer Management application, log in and verify the installation. There are some basic configuration steps such as configuring the system user and a test user.
Installing reports
Unica Centralized Offer Management supports integration with BIRT. Unica Centralized Offer Management does not support integration with IBM® Cognos reports.
Uninstalling Unica Centralized Offer Management
Run the Unica Centralized Offer Management uninstaller to uninstall Unica Centralized Offer Management. When you run the uninstaller, the files that were created during the installation process are removed. For example, files such as configuration files, installer registry information, and user data are removed from the computer.
Unica Centralized Offer Management configuration properties
This section describes the Unica Centralized Offer Management configuration properties on the Settings > Configuration page.