About the product

Unica Audience Central is a centralized tool to create and maintain audience levels that can be targeted by a campaign. In Unica release 12.1.4, Unica Audience Central integrates with Unica Campaign and Unica Interact.


The list of features in Audience Central for the 12.1.4 release are as follows:
Create audience levels
An audience level is a collection of identifiers that can be targeted by a campaign. For example, a set of campaigns could use the audience levels Household, Prospect, Customer, and Account. Each of these levels represents a certain view of the marketing data available for a campaign.
An audience level is composed of a fixed number of keys or database table fields, which together uniquely identify a member of that audience level. For example, the audience level Customer might be identified by a single IndivID field or by a combination of a HouseholdID field and a MemberNum field.
Mapping audience levels to system tables
You can map the following parameters in each audience levels to an associated system tables:
  • Map Contact history table
  • Map Response history table
  • Map Detailed contact history table
  • Map Segment membership table
Mapping additional base tables to an audience profile
You can also map one or more base tables to an audience level.