What's new in Traveler 14.0 EA Drop 2?

The following features are new in HCL Traveler 14.0 Early Access Program Drop 2.

Support for Traveler 14.0 running on Domino 14.0 on IBM iSeries

Included with the Traveler 14.0 Early Access Program Drop 2 is an install package for IBM iSeries. Traveler supports the same operating system levels and architecture as Domino 14.0 (see Domino 14.0 system requirements article). For information on running the HCL Traveler installation program on IBM iSeries, see Running the HCL Traveler server installation program on IBM i.

Verifying the Traveler mail file replica list

Traveler maintains a list of mail file replicas in the Traveler database. This list is dynamically built from the information in the cluster directory and, in the case that the mail file algorithm requires mail files to be local (e.g. NTS_MAIL_SERVERS_ALGORITHM=LOCALONLY), mail files detected on the traveler servers. A new form of the Bind command, verifyLocalOnly has been added to verify the accuracy of the list of replicas for a user (or all users) and ensure that users are bound to a traveler server with a mail file replica. See High Availability commands for more information.