Planning HCL Traveler on Docker

HCL Traveler on Docker is a full-function Domino on Docker server with Traveler preinstalled and configured to start whenever the Domino server starts. The Docker container runs Red Hat Linux, so Domino and Traveler are Linux also. As with any other Linux-based Domino, the HCL Domino Administrator Client must be run remotely on a Windows server connected to the the Docker image over the network.

Traveler is preinstalled, so you do not have to run the Traveler installer. Any changes made to the container will not be carried between containers unless they are made to the external volume /local/notesdata, so it is not possible to upgrade Traveler by installing a fixpack into the image. Instead, HCL periodically produces new Docker images containing up-to-date Traveler code levels when necessary.

Procedures for loading the Docker image, initial Domino configuration, and subsequent running of the configured system are described in the Domino documentation.
Note: For more details on Traveler-specific modifications, see Installing HCL Traveler on Docker and Configuring HCL Traveler on Docker.