Managing To Do's on a BlackBerry 10 device

You can create, edit, and work with To Do's on your BlackBerry 10 device.


The following list details the minimum requirements for To Do support on BlackBerry 10 devices:
  • Traveler IF4 and 9.0.1 IF3
  • APAR LO79011
  • BlackBerry 10 version OS and higher
Note: Use of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is not a requirement, unless you are activating through BES. In that case, the minimum BES requirement is BES 10.2.

Supported features

The following list details the supported features for To Do's on BlackBerry 10 devices:
  • Two-way synchronization of To Do's with Domino using HCL Traveler
  • Viewing, editing, creating, and deleting To Do's
  • Marking To Do's complete
  • Viewing To Do's by options, including:
    • View all
    • View overdue
    • View by due date
  • Searching To Do's
  • Integration with Calendar (To Do's display in the calendar)
  • Working with To Do's Offline

User experience

To Do's sync to the native Remember application on BlackBerry devices. The Remember application categorizes different Note/Journal solutions in folders, such as:
  • HCL Notes/Domino To Do's
  • MS Exchange Tasks
  • Flagged Messages
  • Evernote Notes

You can also create new folders manually.


If you delete your account on a Blackberry 10 device that connects directly to HCL Traveler servers before it is upgraded to version 10.2.1, you will be required to delete and re-create the account in order to enable the To Do functionality. You should sync your device with the HCL Traveler server before removing the account to avoid losing any unsynced data.
Note: For more information on what to expect when deleting and re-creating an account on a BlackBerry 10 device, refer to What should I know about deleting and re-creating BlackBerry accounts?.

If your account was created on a device that is already running 10.2.1, then To Do functionality will be enabled by default, unless you choose to disable it. You can disable the syncing of To Do's using the Advance account settings.

For Blackberry 10 devices connected through a BES 10.2 server, the BES Administrator must assign and distribute a mail profile that includes the enablement of To Do list syncing.