Logging in and out

The administrator for your organization provides you with an URL to access Sametime Web Meeting client. Use your log-in credentials to gain access to the Meeting client.

About this task

To access the Web Meeting URL, use one of the following web browsers:
  • Chromium-based browser, such as Chrome, Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
Internet Explorer not supported.
The Web Meeting URL is in the following format:


  1. In a web browser, enter the Sametime Web Meeting URL to display the Login window.
  2. Type your log-in credentials in the Username and Password fields.
    Click Remember me for future log ins. Both your user name and password are stored. The next time you log in, you can use those credentials without typing them again.
  3. Select your availability. The default is I am available.
    You can set your status as one of the following statements:
    • I am available
    • I am away
    • In a meeting
    • Do not disturb

    You can add additional text or change the status message text in the Status message field.

  4. Click Login.
    After you have logged into your account, the Meetings homepage is displayed. From the homepage, you can start, edit, and delete a defined meeting room. You can also access your personal room, start an instant meeting, or create a moderated meeting.
  5. To log out of Meetings, click Log out in the menu bar.