Upgrading from Meetings Pre-Release 11.5

This section provides information on updating from the Pre-Release of Sametime Meetings to the 11.5 release.

Before you begin

To install Sametime Meetings, you must have:
  • HCL Sametime Community 11.5
  • HCL Sametime Proxy 11.5
  • Connection available to MongoDB
Note: The Sametime Meeting Pre-Release 11.5 is NOT compatible with Sametime Community and Proxy 11.5. All servers must be Sametime 11.5.

About this task

The Sametime Meetings release requires access to a MongoDB server. You can re-use the existing MongoDB server that is being used by the Community and Proxy servers or you can deploy one specifically for Meetings.

Note: There are no special configuration steps required for the Meeting database. It automatically creates when the Sametime Meeting Server connects to MongoDB.

On Docker

For this example, we will use the following directory structure for simplicity - /opt/STMeetingServer.

  1. In /opt/STMeetingserver stop the Sametime Meeting Server by executing
    > docker-compose down
  2. Rename /opt/STMeetingServer to a backup
    > mv /opt/STMeetingServer /opt/STMeetingServer_bak
  3. Unzip the sametime.meeting archive to /opt/STMeetingServer - this will overwrite several files in the folder.
    > unzip sametime-meetings.zip -d /opt/STMeetingServer
  4. Run the install.sh script and follow the prompts to provide the information as required. You can copy the encoded secret from sametime.ini or create a new one with this update.
    > ./install.sh
  5. At this point, you can update the new jitsi-config folder as needed to change TLS certificates or other custom settings as needed. Be sure to follow the standard procedures for that.
  6. If there is a problem and you need to 'roll back' to the previous version -
    in /opt/STMeetingServer issue
    >docker-compose down
    in /opt/STMeetingServer_bak issue
    > docker-compose up -d
    • Once the user is ready to re-enable the release version, do the reverse of the above steps. If satisfied, you can delete the /opt/STMeetingServer_bak folder entirely.
    • After upgrade is complete, clear the browser cache to refresh the authentication tokens that may be stored.