Configuring Sametime Community Chat Logging with MongoDB

This topic guides you through the steps for configuring HCL Sametime Community server chat logging with MongoDB.

About this task

Note: These steps are required to support Persistent Chat. HCL Sametime Web and Mobile clients will not function without Persistent Chat enabled.



  1. Use a HCL Notes or Administration Client to open stconfig.nsf on the HCL Sametime Community server.
  2. Double-click inside the CommunityServices document to place in edit mode. Change the Chat Logging Flag value to relax. Click File, then Save to save the document.
  3. If the MongoDB is installed on a different server than the HCL Sametime Community server, update the values in the sametime.ini and chatlogging.ini.
    Note: If you followed the examples in the Install MongoDB section, the defaults should work without any modifications. If you used a different username or password or installed MongoDB on a separate machine, you must update the following settings in sametime.ini and chatlogging.ini as appropriate.

    Browse to the sametime.ini file, which resides in the Domino program directory, and open with a text editor.

    Locate the MONGO_URI parameter and correct or confirm the IP address of the MongoDB server.

    If any changes were made, save the sametime.ini file.

    Browse to the chatlogging.ini file, which resides in the Domino program directory and open with a text editor.

    Examine and correct the below parameters:





    Save and close the chatlogging.ini.

    Start the HCL Community Server for these changes to take effect.

What to do next

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