Configuring the access manager to bind to a specific IP address

You can configure the access manager to bind to a specific IP address and listening port when connecting to the SafeLinx Administrator. You can specify one of the default listening ports (9555 or 9559) or another available port.

About this task

For example, if your SafeLinx Server is in a DMZ, you can specify the IP address for the internal-facing NIC so that only SafeLinx Administrator clients running on the internal network can connect to the server.

If no address is specified, access manager allows connections from any network interface.


Follow the steps that correspond to your operating system:
  • Windows
    1. Use regedit to locate the following setting:
    2. Specify the following value:
      "<SafeLinx install path>\bin\wgmgrd_svc.exe" /bind <ipaddress>:<port>
      For example:
      "C:\Program Files\HCL\SafeLinx\bin\wgmgrd_svc.exe" /bind
  • Linux
    1. Open the following file:
    2. Specify the following value for the ListenStream setting:
      For example:
      Description=SafeLinx Access Manager
    3. Run the following command to save and restart:
      sudo systemctl restart wgmgrd.socket

What to do next

You can use the following command to test the configuration:
wgmgrd -p <port>