Security Considerations for HCL OneTest UI

This document describes the actions that you can take to ensure that your installation is secure, customize your security settings, and set up user access controls.

Ports, protocols, and services

HCL OneTest UI uses port number 9100, by default, to launch a local web server to provide browser support. This port accepts non-secure communication and is an open port. The port is configurable. The enablement process for Java and browsers must run with administrator or super user credentials.

Customizing your security settings

datasets can be encrypted and access controlled by passwords that are difficult, but not impossible, to break. Logging in to IBM® Rational® Quality Manager server either through the adapter or the Keyword View requires a username and password and this information is encrypted by using 128-bit encryption and is stored locally in encrypted form.

Privacy policy considerations

This software offering does not use cookies or other technologies to collect personally identifiable information.

Security limitations

Passwords that are entered as a part of a test script recording are stored in the test script as plain text.