The PARTITION function checks to see if an occurrence of an object belongs to a certain partition. If the object is that partition, "true" is returned. Otherwise, "false" is returned.

PARTITION (single-object-expression, single-simple-object-name)
PARTITION (partitioned_object, simple_name_of_partition_to_check_for)
"True" or "false"

PARTITION returns "true" if the data object of partitioned_object belongs to the partition represented by simple_name_of_partition_to_check_for. Otherwise, PARTITION returns "false".


  • Assume that Transaction has been partitioned into three partitioned subtypes: Invoice, Order, and Remittance, as shown.

    The following rule could be used to detect whether a given Transaction is an Invoice:

    PARTITION (Transaction:.:Batch, Invoice)

    If the Transaction is an Invoice, PARTITION returns "true". If the Transaction is not an Invoice (for example, it is an Order or a Remittance), PARTITION returns "false" for that Transaction.

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