Generation of test data

To test an application, you use data that is passed to get real-time results. Since creating test data manually is time-consuming, you can use HCL® OneTest Data, an automated tool to generate random test data. You can generate the test data in various file formats.

Test data is a core element in the process of testing any application. A sufficient amount of data is necessary to test all the possible scenarios of any application. HCL® OneTest Data requires a schema to generate the test data.

When you want to generate the test data, then you must fabricate a schema or generate a schema by using any external resource. After you fabricated a schema, you must define types of the schema and set properties for each type. You can then generate the test data for one or multiple schemas at a time. You must generate multiple schemas in HCL® OneTest Data by using the schemas created in the JDBC supported databases.