Playing back a test with a digital certificate

After you create a digital certificate store and record a test using a digital certificate, you must associate the digital certificate with the test for playback.

Before you begin

You need to record a test using a digital certificate, and you need a digital certificate store file containing one or more PKCS#12 certificates.

If your certificate extension is not .rcs, then you need to zip the certificate, rename the extension to .rcs, and copy it to the root directory of the project.


To associate a digital certificate with a test for playback:
  1. Open the test for editing.
  2. On the Security tab, under Digital Certificates, click Add.
  3. Select or type the name of the certificate store file that you created previously.
    You must type or select the file name. You cannot browse to locate the file. The certificate store must be a Rational® Certificate Store (RCS) file. A Rational® Certificate Store file is a compressed archive file that contains one or more PKCS#12 certificates.
  4. Select the digital certificate that you want to use, and then click Select.
  5. When prompted to place the digital certificate in a dataset, click No. To learn more about substituting digital certificates, see Using a digital certificate store with a dataset.
    Note: If you add multiple certificates to the Digital Certificates list on the Common Options page, the first certificate that satisfies the request from the server (in the order by which the certificates were entered) is used during playback.
  6. Save the test.


When you run this test, the digital certificate from the certificate store is submitted to the server.