Applying the license

To start using a product, you must first apply a license.

About this task

When you start the product for the first time, a licensing dialog box is displayed. Specify the server ID that was provided to you or copy the ID from the HCL® License & Delivery portal. When you submit the server ID, the product connects with the HCL® License & Delivery portal to verify it and if there is a license available, it is checked out so that you can use the product. If the license is not available, a message is displayed about it. In most cases, you should not change the server URL in the licensing dialog.
  • If the license is not used for 15 minutes, the license is returned to the server for others to consume it. If the workbench looses connectivity to the HCL® License & Delivery portal, you can use the product for two hours only if the server ID that you entered last time is correct.
  • After the product installation, when you apply the license to the product, the license information is cached in a system directory. If there are any permission issues accessing the directory or the directory is deleted, there would be licensing error when starting the product. The workaround is to create an environment variable HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_STORAGE and specify a directory path. The licensing information will now be stored in this new directory. For example, Environment variable

You can also apply the license after starting the product. To apply the license from the product, click Window > Preferences > Test > Licensing and specify the server ID. You can also use this page to check the balance Event-hours on the server.

To apply license without opening the product, add the licensing parameters as environment variables:
Variable Value
HCL_ONETEST_LICENSING_ID Enter your server ID. The ID is a 12-character alphanumeric identifier.
When running the tests from command line, you do not have to specify any licensing argument. However, when running a schedule for HCL OneTest Performance or accelerated/distributed tests for HCL OneTest UI in an uninterrupted mode, you must specify vmargs -Dhptcostconfirm argument in the command. Uninterrupted mode refers to any of the non-GUI based test execution scenarios such as the following use cases:
  • Running a test from the command line
  • Running a test with Jenkins
  • Running a test with Ant
  • Running a test with UrbanCode Deploy
  • Running a test with IBM® Engineering Test Management

What to do next

You can now work with the product.