Streamlined Eclipse and full Eclipse overview

When you work in the streamlined Eclipse mode, only those functions that are directly related to the product are enabled in the workbench. When you install the product, by default, the check box to use the streamlined Eclipse mode is selected. With the full Eclipse mode, you have access to all Eclipse functions.

The streamlined Eclipse mode disables options from the menus that are not typically used during testing. Both the fully-enabled and streamlined Eclipse modes can operate using the same workspace, so if you start the product in the streamlined mode and discover that you cannot accomplish all of your tasks, you can close the workbench and restart it in the full Eclipse mode.

The choice of the mode in which to start the product depends on the user's activity and objectives. The streamlined mode is designed for straightforward testing and shows only those menu items that are related to testing. However, this restricts functions. The following list includes use cases where the full Eclipse mode might be preferred:
  • You have multiple products installed and you want to use them in the same session.
  • You are using the profiling and logging features. The profiling and logging view is not available in the streamlined mode.
  • You are using advanced features of custom code including debugging custom code. For more information on custom code, see Extending test execution with custom code.