Troubleshooting: TCP UDP sockets

You can use workarounds to common problems that you might encounter when you use TCP and UDP transports.

Table 1. Troubleshooting TCP UDP sockets
Problem Description Solution
No messages are received The packetizer settings govern the messages. If they are wrong, the incoming stream of data cannot be broken up properly and it cannot be presented to the subscriber. Verify the packetizer settings.
The last message is not received If no end token is specified when you are using the token-based packetizer, packets will be determined by awaiting the next start token. This means that each message is presented to the subscriber when a subsequent message is received. Specify an end token.
Bind error When run as a server, the transport opens a listener on the specified port. If another process or another transport is started listening on this port, then a collision occurs. This results in a bind error. Stop the other process that is using the port or configure the other transport to use a different value.