Configuring Rational® Quality Manager integration

You can configure one or more IBM® Rational® Quality Manager servers in HCL OneTest API to be able to run integration tests and suites in IBM® Rational® Quality Manager's centralized test management environment.

About this task

Once configured, a server can be selected as the target when you are exporting tests or tests suites from the Test Factory. Follow the steps to configure a Rational® Quality Manager server in HCL OneTest API.

Note: The following is valid for all versions of Rational® Quality Manager.

To configure Rational® Quality Manager:


  1. If not already running, launch HCL OneTest API and select a new or existing project.
  2. Select Project Settings from the Project menu.

    The Project Settings dialog is displayed.

  3. Select the Quality Management tab.
  4. In the Quality Management Integrations pane, click Add.
  5. In the Select Provider dialog, click IBM Rational Quality Manager.

    A new Rational® Quality Manager configuration is created.

  6. Configure the details for the new integration by using the available fields in the Quality Management Integration Details pane, as described in the following table:
    Field Description
    Name A user-defined name that describes the integration. Available integrations are listed by name when you are exporting tests and test suites.
    URL The base URL of the Rational® Quality Manager server (for example,
    Project The exact name of an existing project on the Rational® Quality Manager server. When you are exporting tests and test suites, this name is the Rational® Quality Manager project where they are created.
    Authentication Method The authentication method to use the for the configuration, which can be any from the following options:
    • BASIC
      • Username: Enter the user ID of an Rational® Quality Manager user who has sufficient privileges in the named project to create tests and test scripts.
      • Password: Enter the password for the user ID entered in Username.

      Kerberos config path: Specify the absolute path to the Kerberos configuration file.


      SmartCard certificate alias: Specify the smart card certificate alias.

      Note: This authentication method is supported only on Windows.
      • SSL certificate path: Enter the path to the keystore that contains the certificate and the certificate alias.
      • SSL certificate password: Enter the password for the SSL certificate keystore.
  7. When the Rational® Quality Manager server details are correct, click OK to save the changes and close the Project Settings dialog.