Task flow for integration with Azure DevOps

You can find information about the tasks that you must perform for the integration with Azure DevOps by using the HCL OneTest Studio extension. You can then run the HCL OneTest API Task in the Azure DevOps pipeline.

Important: The steps for many tasks that are to be performed on third-party applications are only indicative. There might be multiple methods in which you can accomplish the tasks indicated in this document. You might be aware of such methods already or you can perform them by using the on-screen instructions or documentation provided by third-party applications.

The following table provides a list of the tasks that you can perform for testing with Azure DevOps along with the link to the corresponding topic for the details of the task.

Task More information


Complete the prerequisite tasks.

Prerequisites for Integration with Azure DevOps


Access the Visual Studio Marketplace portal and search for the latest version of the HCL OneTest Studio extension to install the extension.

Visual Studio Marketplace


Install the HCL OneTest Studio extension.

Installing the HCL OneTest Studio extension


Create tests or Test Suites in HCL OneTest API to test your application.

Building tests


Run tests in an Azure DevOps Pipeline.

Running tests in an Azure DevOps pipeline