Specifying a file division by using delimited layouts

Delimited record layouts are used for files that contain one or more records that are separated by a user-defined delimiter.

Creating and modifying the record fields of a delimited layout is the same as with a fixed width layout. See Specifying a file grouping by using fixed width layouts. The only difference is the number of fields that can be configured. Only Name, Default, and Type are available in a delimited layout.

Under the Options tab, you can configure the packetizer and delimiter details.

You can select one of the existing delimiter types (new line, tab, space), or select Other and enter the delimiter characters in the field provided.

When reading records, depending how the record ends, use the Process last empty packet option. Enable this option if the record ends with your delimiter and you want to process one more packets as an empty string "". Disable this option if the delimiter indicate that there are no more packets.