Securing $ONEDB_HOME and its subdirectories

When the $ONEDB_HOME directory is not secure, run a security script to reset directory permissions.

About this task

To secure the $ONEDB_HOME directory and its subdirectories, you can run the $ONEDB_HOME/etc/fix-installdir-security script as user root or generate a security script to run with the onsecurity utility.


To generate a security script:
  1. Run the following command to generate the script: $ONEDB_HOME/bin/onsecurity -r $ONEDB_HOME
  2. Run the script to secure the installation path:
    • UNIX and Linux: $ONEDB_HOME/tmp/

What to do next

Although user informix has permission to run the script, the script cannot fix the problems unless the directory is owned by user informix. The database server message indicates what still must be fixed. The script also shows files and directories under $ONEDB_HOME that belong to an unexpected owner or group or have public write permission.