ADTROWS configuration parameter

Use the ADTROWS configuration parameter to control selective row-level auditing of tables.

default value
range of values
0, 1, 2
takes effect
When onaudit is run to change the value or after the database server is restarted.
onaudit (onaudit -R row mode)

Where row mode is set to:

  • 0 for auditing row-level events on all tables
  • 1 to allow control of which tables are audited. Row-level events DLRW, INRW, RDRW, and UPRW are audited only on tables for which the AUDIT flag is set.
  • 2 to turn on selective row-level auditing and also to include the primary key in audit records (the primary key is only recorded if it is an integer)
CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE in the HCL OneDB™ Guide to SQL: Syntax