Database Server Administrator

The DBSA configures, maintains, and tunes the database server. The DBSA becomes involved with the security of a database server during installation. Your HCL OneDB™ Administrator's Guide defines the overall role of the DBSA.

Someone who has the appropriate UNIX™ permissions or Windows™ access privileges to view all the data on a database server must perform this role. It is supported by a designated account and software designed to support DBSA tasks.

To use the administrative software designed for this role, the person who performs the role of the DBSA must log on to one or more designated accounts and meet access-control requirements.

If the DBSA group is not group onedb, the permissions on oninit must be modified to 6755 (granting others execute permission) so that members of the new DBSA group can start the database server

The DBSA is responsible for granting or revoking the EXTEND role to restrict users who can register DataBlade® modules or external user-defined routines (UDRs).