Preparing for migration

Preparing for migration includes gathering information about and backing up your data, so that you can reinstall the previous version of the server and restore your data if you have a migration problem. Preparing for migration is crucial for successful migration.

Before you begin

About this task


Review and complete all tasks that apply:

  1. Reviewing changes in HCL OneDB product functionality.
  2. Checking and configuring available space.
  3. Configuring for recovery of restore point data in case an upgrade fails.
  4. Renaming user-defined routines (UDRs) that have the following names: CHARINDEX() , LEFT(), RIGHT(), INSTR(), DEGREES(), RADIANS(), REVERSE(), SUBSTRING_INDEX(), LEN(), and SPACE().
    These names are reserved for built-in SQL string manipulation functions.
  5. Adjusting settings:
    1. If you use UNICODE, ensure that the GL_USEGLU environment variable on the source server is set to the same value as the GL_USEGLU environment variable on the target server.
  6. Saving copies of the current configuration files.
  7. Saving a copy of the storage manager sm_versions file.
  8. Closing all transactions and shutting down the source database server.
  9. Initiating fast recovery to verify that no open transactions exist.
  10. Verifying the integrity of the data.
  11. Verifying that the database server is in quiescent mode.
  12. Making a final backup of the source database server.
  13. Verifying that the source database server is offline.