GLS User's Guide

These topics describe the Global Language Support (GLS) feature available in HCL® OneDB® products.The HCL OneDB GLS User's Guide describes the Global Language Support (GLS) feature available in HCL OneDB products.

The GLS feature allows HCL OneDB application-programming interfaces (APIs) and HCL OneDB database servers to handle different languages, cultural conventions, and code sets. These topics describe only the language-related topics that are unique to GLS.

These topics provide GLS information about HCL OneDB database servers for both Microsoft™ Windows™ and UNIX™.

These topics are written for system administrators and application developers who want to use the GLS environment to create globalized database management applications with HCL OneDB products.

These topics are primarily intended for those users who must use HCL OneDB products with a nondefault locale. It assumes that you are familiar with HCL OneDB database servers and associated products.

If you need more information about features of your operating system to support non-ASCII characters in file names, path names, and other contexts, see your operating system documentation.

For information about software compatibility, see the release notes.

Also see the HCL OneDB GLS API Programmer's Guide, a companion document that describes the global language support (GLS) application programming interface (API) available in and HCL OneDB DataBlade® modules.